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" Since 2002 "
We have an international network of experienced detectives around the world.

„We believe that everything has its own order, there are no coincidences...
...We also believe that every problem has a solution“

Price list

Detective services: From 15.- EUR for each started hour

Tracking : one detective: from 20.- EUR  for every commenced hour 

Carfare:  0.40 EUR /Km 

The other possibility is a deal with the client on a specific reward agreed on by both two sides,
according to the subject and amount of required activity.

First consultation is, of course, for free!

Other services can be negotiated directly.

These prices are approximate. It always depends on a double-sided agreement !

Detective agency - martin BATHA
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Tel.: +420 315 685 497
ICQ: 280791123
USA, branch in Chicago, IL

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SKYPE: Detectiv36