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" Since 2002 "
We have an international network of experienced detectives around the world.

„We believe that everything has its own order, there are no coincidences...
...We also believe that every problem has a solution“

Detective agency - martin BATHA

Our detective agency was one of the first in the 90´s to build the foundations for its commercial activities on an international scale and thanks to membership in 3 professional associations, we can operate anywhere in the world, with a guarantee of correct and honest conduct.

Member of ABI - The Association of British Investigators www.theabi.org.uk   (the only member covering the Czech Republic).

Member of WAPI -  World Association of Professional Investigators -  www.wapi.org 

Member of WAD World Association of Detectives - www.wad.net  

Our activities

Our professional team consists of specialists with many years of experience not only from the criminal police and the fight against the organized crime, but mainly from specialized activities requested by our clients (not only within the Czech Republic and surrounding countries) in particular in these fields:

Detective agency - martin BATHA
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GSM: +1 773 517-1126
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